Physics class is the one place where playing with marbles is allowed, especially as the main ingredient in the "Bull's Eye Lab."  In this lab, students had to make a number of measurements, use photo-gates, lab-quests, and laptops to collect velocity data, and work with equations of motion.  Using the data they had to precisely predict where a projectile (in this case a marble) would land on the floor when released down a ramp and across a table.  A small paperclip holder was placed at the predicted location and each team was then given only one chance at getting the marble to land as close to the target as possible.

"At no time before the live 'launch' was the marble allowed to leave the table, thus the location at which they placed their target, was entirely based on their experiments and calculations," said Dr. Paul Castle, STEM Program teacher and Dean of Faculty.  See a video of the Bull's Eye Lab created by JHSC junior, Ina Cohen.

The Jewish High School of Connecticut (JHSC) is the first school in Connecticut to offer the groundbreaking CIJE-Tech Engineering Program, provided by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. Students in grades 10 through 12 are involved in the program. 

 The CIJE-Tech High School Engineering Program is an innovative approach to STEM education, providing teacher training, on-going teacher mentoring as well as all science laboratory equipment and materials. Focused on scientific and biomedical engineering, CIJE-Tech exposes students to a diverse range of science and technical knowledge areas while helping develop multidisciplinary and abstract thinking as well as leadership and teamwork skills. Developed in Israel, and optimized in 2011 for the American student, the two-year curriculum is now in 27 schools nationwide.  

For more information about JHSC or the STEM program contact Aline Rossiter at 203-764-1608.

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