The Jewish High School of Connecticut (JHSC) is the first school in Connecticut that will offer the groundbreaking CIJE-Tech Engineering Program for the 2013-2014 school year, provided by the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education. Students in grades 10 through 12 are involved in the program, overseen by Dr. Paul Castle, of Stamford, JHSC dean of faculty and teacher in engineering and physics.

The CIJE-Tech High School Engineering Program is an innovative approach to STEM education, providing teacher training, on-going teacher mentoring as well as all science laboratory equipment and materials. Focused on scientific and biomedical engineering, CIJE-Tech exposes students to a diverse range of science and technical knowledge areas while helping develop multidisciplinary and abstract thinking as well as leadership and teamwork skills.  Developed in Israel, and optimized in 2011 for the American student, the two-year curriculum is now in 27 schools nationwide.  

"CIJE-Tech will prepare our students to be 21st-century learners, while inspiring them to explore a career in STEM," said Dr. Yonatan Yussman, JHSC Head of School. "I love how the students have to problem-solve, think critically, apply information, explore and fix their own mistakes as well as manage complex group projects, all which is needed for a bright future."

JHSC is an accredited, independent, pluralistic Jewish high school that offers a rigorous, comprehensive curricular and co-curricular program of secular and Jewish studies.  To fulfill the high standards of Jewish education and to prepare students thoroughly for college and beyond, JHSCand its faculty integrate well-established educational principles with progressive techniques and methods found in contemporary general and Jewish education.

“Our hope is that with our established track-record of success, CIJE’s investment in the Jewish High School of Connecticut will be matched by local funders and philanthropists,” explains Jason Cury, President of CIJE. “We know there are many who believe, as we do, in the urgent need to provide Jewish school students with a 21st century education that imparts them with the critical thinking skills necessary for success in today’s global economy.”

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