Students in the Comparative Religions course had a visit from Dr. Mahmood Qureshi, President of the Baitul Aman Mosque in Meriden.  Dr. Seth Riemer, who teaches the class, said that Dr. Qureshi, a physician and Assistant Professor School of Medicine at UConn, "exemplifies Islam's ability to be a religion in dialogue with modern life and the life of reason."

Dr. Qureshi’s talk brought a Muslim message of compassion for all people and respect for cultural diversity, teaching us that Islam is truly, as its followers profess, a religion of peace and good will," said Dr. Riemer. Questions from the students focused on Islam's relation to modern life, comparisons with Judaism and Christianity and Islam's approach toward theology.  Students have spent weeks studying Islam through readings, presentations, videos, discussions and writing assignments. The unit explored Islam’s historical background, theology and practices, and even included reading The Arabian Nights, which, says Dr. Riemer, "bears the imprint of Muslim religious values." 

In the Comparative Religion course, students have already taken an in-depth look into Judaism and Christianity. Upcoming units will focus on Hinduism and Buddhism.  To learn more about the JHSC college-prep and Jewish studies curricula, please send an email to and receive an electronic copy of the Course Catalog.  JHSC is Connecticut’s only accredited Jewish high school.

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