JHSC Students Meet With Ralph Nader

On April 1, students from the Jewish High School of Connecticut’s “Power and Society” class attended a panel event called “Shake Up Yale Law” at Yale University, and met with consumer advocate Ralph Nader and whistleblower attorney Jesselyn Radack.

The discussion focused on ethics, whistleblowing, and the state of national security. In an additional hour-long session, students spoke directly with Nader, one of the most influential consumer advocates in American history, and Radack, currently serving as attorney to Edward Snowden. Topics ranged from corporate control of democracy, Snowden’s case, constitutional law, and how students can impact their communities.

“Our students received compliments for their pointed questions and enthusiasm to engage in complex issues,” said Andrew Kordik, JHSC History teacher.  "Their participation is reflective of the culture of JHSC to debate issues and critically analyze with an open-minded spirit of intellectual inquiry," said Kordik.  The seminar, “Power and Society,” provides students with multiple frameworks through which to view and better understand how power operates.  The panel was particularly useful after learning about Foucault’s idea of “panopticism,” said Mr. Kordick.

Pictured here are junior Adina H., seniors Emma S. and Alex S.; Ralph Nader, juniors Batsheva L. and Talia W.; freshman Jacques B., and Andrew Kordik, JHSC History teacher.

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