Jewish High School of Connecticut Students Represent the World in Canada

Last weekend, the Jewish High School of Connecticut sent twelve students to the Jewish-Canadian Youth Model United Nations (JCYMUN) Conference in   Montreal.   JHSC’s team joined Jewish high schools from across the mid-Atlantic United States as well as Quebec and Ontario provinces to simulate the crises, negotiations, and resolutions of the United Nations.  Many of this year’s participants from JHSC have attended this conference for several years in a row, citing it as invaluable to their writing, negotiating, and networking skills.  Furthermore, it helps students remain consistently engaged in current global   challenges while so many of their peers become increasingly apathetic.  For co-head Hadassah Riemer, ’15, it was her third year participating in the   conference.  “Model UN is an incredible program,” she remarks, “that gives students a place to debate about real world problems, learning different   opinions and practicing practical skills such as discipline, diplomacy, and political debate.”  When asked if it is worth it to travel such a distance each year, Riemer quickly replied in the affirmative.  “Each meeting is so much fun, and students return with an experience they can apply to school and life.”   To  the JHSC group, the Montreal conference adds international flair that is often absent at local conferences. 

Out of the twelve students who attended,  two   earned the best delegate award for their respective committees.  Jacques Ben-Avie, ’17, was awarded best delegate for his work on the Counter Terrorism, and Eva Gerber, ’15, won best delegate for the World Health Organization.        

JHSC’s continued participation in this conference is one of the many ways this school stands out from other independent schools in the area.  Not only   are students  immersed in solving modern day and future world problems, but they do so with a  distinctively Jewish perspective.  As one of the most   popular programs at JHSC, it ensures that upon graduating, participating students will enter the real world with a  broadened global perspective.  For  this   year’s graduating class, there that they are ready.

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