A glimpse into the physics classroom; the 2016 Bull's Eye lab

In this lab the students had to set up the equipment, make a number of distance measurements, use photogates, labquests and laptops to collect velocity data, then work with equations of motion to precisely calculate where a projectile (in this case a marble) would land on the floor when released down a ramp and across a table.

They placed a small paper clip holder at their predicted location and were given only one shot at getting the marble to land as close to the target as possible. At no time before the live 'launch' was the marble allowed to leave the table, thus the location at which they placed their target was entirely based on their experiments and calculations.

Special thanks to all of the students, faculty and administrators who chose to spend some of their lunch time supporting our physicists:

This video was created by the talented Julia Arnowitz. We hope you enjoy it.

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